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Big Government is the problem. Small government is the solution.


We must propose small government, campaign on small government, and vote for small government.


Bold, exciting small government proposals form our roadmap to small government.

10 Critical Ingredients to Ignite Small Government Campaigns


The Small Government Proposal for Education Funding and Choice

Cut Massachusetts Sales Tax

What is small government?
Small government is a night watchman. A tiny institution restricted to defending our lives, liberty, and property. More...
What's so bad about Big Government?

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  • The fundamentals of making government small
  • The Weight Watchers Test...for Big Government
  • Small government + one exception = Big Government
  • Endless growth of Big Government is ensured if we UNdo nothing
  • Tax limitation: a first step, not the last one
  • Misconceptions about small and Big Government
  • Smaller Government? Smaller than What?
  • The Soberest Drunk in the Bar: Comparing Governments
  • The “Wasted Vote” Argument
  • "Deficit" vs. "Overspending": The difference one word makes
  • Ways Big Government Advocates Try to Con Voters
  • Is Voting UN-Libertarian?
  • Do YOU want Big Government?
  • Would you push the button to make government small?
  • What can we do about Big Government?
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  • The Small Government Field of Dreams
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  • Libertarian is a Verb
  • Thinking about running for office? Know someone who is? Sign (or have them sign) the Small Government Pledge for Candidates.
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  • Is change really possible?
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  • Things you can do to make government small
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  • Ready For Ballot Initiatives to Cut Sales Tax?

    Shaunna O'Connell's Small Government Proposal that took Third Place in Summit Contest Goes After Government Employee Pensions

    Moving, Stirring, and Thought-Provoking": What Attendees Called the First Summit For Small Government.

    An Open Letter to the Massachusetts State Legislature From
    Carla Howell and Michael Cloud, Sponsors of
    the 2008 Massachusetts End the Income Tax Ballot Initiative

    See Carla Howell at the TEA Party in Boston on Fox 25 News (video)...

    Carla Howell delivers speech on April 15, 2009 at the TEA Party Event in Boston...

    Today's Big Government is way too big, too powerful,
    too costly, too nosy, and
    too bossy.

    The mission of the Center For Small Government is to make government small; to shrink the size, power, spending, taxes, debt, and liability of today's Big Government. At all levels: federal, state, and local.

    Make small government the #1 priority in America.