Small government makes us freer, safer, healthier, wealthier, better educated, and better informed.

A small government society is a polite society that encourages personal responsibility, cooperation, and harmony.

A nation with small government is at peace with the world. It does not take sides in foreign affairs and provoke potential enemies, reducing the risk of terrorist attacks and keeping our country safe. Troops are rarely, if ever, deployed overseas, allowing their kids to grow up with both mom and dad at home.

Small government is transparent and just. Frugal and fair.

Small government imposes minimal taxes, allowing you to keep your hard-earned pay. More money in your family budget allows you to pay your bills, pay off debts, have a nice home, drive cars that are reliable and safe, save for your retirement, take vacations, and have money to spare to help those in need.

Small government has no debt, keeps spending well under control, and refrains from inflating the currency. The dollar retains its value, keeping prices and the cost of living stable. Families, and especially retirees, are financially secure.

Small government allows people to trade in any currency they desire, including precious metals and cryptocurrency. 

Low taxes and minimal government regulation keep the cost of starting and maintaining a business far more affordable. Small businesses thrive, creating millions of jobs. Finding work is easy.

With small government, people are free to work in professions where they have valuable skills, unencumbered by protectionist licensing laws, CON laws, and other government barriers. This creates even more jobs and gives consumers far more choice at lower prices.

Without the regulatory powers of the FDA, and without the failed War on Drugs, scientists are able to to find cures to human disease far faster and far cheaper than they can today. Many who suffer from serious diseases return to health. Those with chronic pain get desperately-needed relief.

Ending dysfunctional, centrally-planned health care bureaucracies run by, or imposed by, government mandates dramatically increases the quality and safety of health care. Free market health care is far more convenient – built around the patient’s need. People, rather than government bureaucrats, are in charge of their own health care. The cost of both insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses is a small fraction of today’s high prices, making them easily affordable. Free health care clinics to serve the poor abound.

A free-market health care industry exploits technological innovation, just as other industries now do. This results in unimaginable breakthroughs in service, just as we saw with the Internet. Medical treatments become easily affordable. Everyone has their best chance to live a comfortable and healthy life.

Poor nations are often horribly polluted. They don’t have the means to keep streets, waterways, soil and air clean. Small government stimulates prosperity, which results in a clean and healthy environment.

With no hopelessly failed War on Drugs, black markets dry up, putting an end to dangerous street gangs and making neighborhoods safe. Drugs tainted with fentanyl and other dangerous substances are replace with safe and accurately labeled products. Access to legal substances removes the incentive for drug addicts to break into houses or mug people at ATM machines. You’re safer in your home and in the streets.

People are no longer saddled with criminal records for so-called crimes where there is no victim. Masses of drug offenders now in prison, who have harmed no one, are free to return to their families.

Small government law enforcement is respectful of citizens and honors their individual rights. In turn, citizens respect and appreciate those public servants who put their lives at risk.

Small government returns control of education to parents, teachers, and local communities, resulting in far higher quality standards at a fraction of today’s costs. Parents are able to give their children exactly the curriculum, teaching methods, and teachers that work best for them. Kids are well-prepared to support themselves and pursue careers they find most compelling.  

Small government respects the privacy of its citizens. You can rest assured that your private emails and phone calls are not being snooped on by government agencies. You alone dictate who has access to your medical records.

Small government leaves your guns alone. Peaceful, responsible gun owners are always free to defend themselves, their homes, and their families.

Small government spending is open to the public for examination and scrutiny. Every transaction can be seen online and is easily justified. What minimal government force survives public scrutiny is appreciated by citizens. Trust in government is restored, not by force or by a self-serving moral decree, but because it is earned.

Small government generates more benefits than we can predict. It stimulates innovation and cooperation, both domestically and abroad, that leads to a dramatically better world.