The mission of the Center for Small Government is to make government small.

We seek small government, at the federal, state and local levels, that is strictly limited to defending our lives, liberty and property; that honors individual rights; that stays out of unnecessary wars; and that is contained and transparent enough to easily find and root out government waste, dysfunction, and injustice.

Most political discussion in America today consists of the left bashing the right and the right bashing the left. When anyone manages to talk about government policy, we hear proposals for more big government. We hear criticisms of those proposals. And then we hear more left- and right-bashing.

What we almost never hear is serious proposals for less government. Proposals to dismantle the many big government programs and agencies that do more harm than good, or that are bloated and need to be downsized. They’re missing in action.

Polls consistently show that most Americans want less government. Yet politicians and the mainstream media refuse to talk about, much less offer, serious proposals to shrink government – except in vague terms (“We need to cut spending.”) — that lead to no action.

That’s why we’re here.

The Center builds a much-needed voice – and a force – for shrinking big government. The signers of the Small Government Pledge℠ are a voting block for small government that we aim to grow until the block cannot be ignored.

As the block becomes large enough to change the outcome of elections, it will influence the positions that elected candidates run on and vote on.  This will attract more small government voters and candidates, which will give the block more influence.

As the small government block of voters continues to go, it will eventually force reigning politicians to enact small government policies into law, or it will replace them with actual small government candidates who will willingly shrink government.

If you want to make small government an option that politicians and the mainstream media cannot ignore, please sign the Small Government Pledge℠.