When Government Spending Hurts More Than Taxes Do

Imagine the horror of watching your hard-earned money thrown into a bonfire and burned to ashes before your eyes.

People work all their lives to save money to support their families and plan for their retirement. Deliberately destroying hard-earned cash is unthinkable.

But there’s something even more painful than throwing your life savings into a roaring bonfire: allowing it to be used to harm you, your loved ones, and others you’ll never know.

When a Big Government Program is so bad that we’d actually be better off burning your tax dollars than using them to fund it, then it fails what we call the Bonfire Test.

Remember the Five Iron Laws of Big Government:

  1. Big Government Programs don’t work.
  2. Big Government Programs often make things worse for the very people they’re intended to help.
  3. Big Government Programs create new problems.
  4. Big Government Programs are costly and wasteful.
  5. Big Government Programs divert money and energy from positive, productive uses.

Every Big Government Program that makes things worse fails the Bonfire Test.

Every Big Government Program that hurts the very people it’s intended to help fails the Bonfire Test.

Sadly, most government spending fails the Bonfire Test. It does more harm than good.

Rather than throw our money in a bonfire, we must cut spending of programs that fail the Bonfire Test. And return that money to the taxpayer.

What are 10 government programs or agencies you can think of that fail the Bonfire Test?


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