Big government is the greatest source of human suffering on earth. It depletes our wealth, diminishes our freedom, and harms people in many ways.

The COVID pandemic, created by U.S. government-funded researchers, brought government tyranny to new heights, imposing lockdowns, isolation, school closings, deadly hospital protocols, and even deadlier vaccine mandates.

Even before COVID, healthcare was vastly overpriced, often poor quality, and sometimes outright dangerous – all because of myriad government controls. It is the number one budget-buster for both federal and state governments, and it bankrupts thousands of families every year.

U.S. foreign intervention in countries all over the world destroys lives, inflicts massive property damage,  and puts Americans at growing risk of retaliatory hostilities.

Spying on U.S. citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment and government censorship in violation of the First Amendment have become the norm. Military intelligence, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department and numerous other federal agencies have set their targets on American citizens who they deem to be a threat.

Government education is a money grab for special interests, and it serves more to indoctrinate and control than to prepare young people for successful lives.

Today, federal, state, and local governments in the United States together spend over $12 trillion every year. That’s money that politicians take from you directly in taxes and indirectly by printing money, which results in ravaging inflation. Almost half of every dollar you earn ends up in government coffers. Take a look, if you dare, at the many taxes you pay.

Government regulations force individuals, businesses, charities, and other organizations to obey thousands upon thousands of government dictates, costing Americans another $4 trillion, every year. You pay for this compliance with your precious time, restrictions on your freedom, and with higher prices for goods and services you buy.

Politicians like to blame China for the fentanyl crisis. But prohibition is to blame because it drives the drug trade into black markets. People who buy illegal drugs don’t know they contain fentanyl, so they overdose and die. Prohibition also escalates crime, drug addition, and mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders.

Today’s extensive government meddling threatens to get much worse.  Government spending in the U.S. is growing faster than both inflation and population growth combined, doubling about every ten years. Politicians will seek even higher taxes and more inflation to foot the bill.

The federal government has already amassed unsustainable debt that threatens economic collapse while promising unaffordable subsidies – primarily Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They are an even greater liability than the nation’s debt.

On top of all that, elitists in the U.S. government are working with international allies, including the UN, the WHO, and the World Economic Forum, to impose ominous global control over our food supply, health care, travel, and speech.

You pay a huge price for the damage caused by Big Government. So does everyone you know and love.

To prevent immense suffering, we must stop the growth of government and turn it around. “Reforms” and minor tax cuts won’t put a dent in the problems we face. We need dramatic reductions in government – now. We must make government small.