Do you want to go beyond just voting for small government or supporting small government campaigns?

Do you want to give voters a choice for small government in your district or state?

If you do, great!

First, be sure to sign the Small Government Pledge℠.

Next, decide what office you want to run for.

Then think about how seriously you plan to campaign and find the resources needed to make it happen. Start by seeking key campaign team members.

Next, decide if you’re going to run as an independent or with a party. It goes without saying that the only political party in America that is substantially aligned with the goal of small government is the Libertarian Party. Check them out.

If you want to run as a Democrat or Republican on a small government platform, be aware that many have tried before you and found that neither party supports small government. They are likely to undermine your efforts and support your primary opponent. If you lose in the primary, you will have squandered your chance to reach voters the only time when most of them are paying attention: during the final months of the general election.

The other pitfall of running with the Democratic or Republican Parties is that they will expect you to endorse their big government candidates. You cannot advance small government by advancing the cause of big government candidates. Plus, you will have violated the Small Government Pledge℠.

Whatever you choose to do, if you run a bold, small government campaign and honor the Small Government Pledge℠, we wish you every success.

Next, read Game Changing Libertarian Communications to formulate your campaign platform and to learn how to stay on message. Then practice, practice, practice – so you’re ready to make the case for small government.

There’s much more you and your campaign team need to learn to run an effective campaign. There are many resources on the Internet to help. But what will make your campaign powerful and effective – win or lose – is giving voters a true choice for small government and showing them how it will make their lives better.

Because small government is beautiful℠.