Running for office takes work, money, and energy.

Big government campaigns are well-funded by special interests. They sometimes even get free taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns or run extravagant conventions on TV. Ouch!

Small government campaigns have no special interests and get no special funding. They rely on generous donors who will get no personal benefit from winning the election.

Big government campaigns can call on their ranks of union workers, cartel comrades, or corporate cronies to get out the vote.

Small government campaigns don’t enjoy these resources. They rely on grass roots volunteers to make their campaigns a reality.

Won’t you help them? You can donate or volunteer – even for just a day here and there. Every little bit helps.

But wait! Are they really small government?

Do they talk about boldly shrinking government on their campaign website, in their literature, in social media, and whenever they speak publicly?

Are there any warning signs that they might support a tax or spending increase? Or a Big Government program that needs to go? Do they endorse any Big Government politicians? Does their campaign pass the Weight Watchers Test?

Are they willing to sign the Small Government Pledge℠? Ask them to take it. If they do, great!

But if they refuse, that’s a bad sign. It usually means they have another agenda, like building a career in politics, that is more important to them than making government small. Save your time, money, and energy for a true, small government candidate or ballot initiative that will do the most to advance small government.