“The only way for things to improve is to dramatically shrink the size of government at all levels.”

“All the ‘little’ steps we take today create tomorrow.”

“The only way to get smaller government [than we have today] is to develop a committed pool of voters who will vote for smaller government NO MATTER WHAT! I intend to be one of those voters. Count me in!”

“I sign [the Small Government Pledge] to add one digit to the number that hopefully will be seen by many, encouraging others to join.”

“The only way my children and future grandchildren will have a decent standard of living is to immediately reduce the size and scope of government at all levels.”

“As a life-long advocate of small government, I have always followed the Pledge principals anyway. This just makes it official.”

“The only way to avoid the unintended consequences of giving power to the government is to not give it in the first place.”

“The pledge crystallizes what is needed in American politics; today as well as forever.”

“I am from the Socialist USSR and in my opinion the government can never be small enough! Thank you!”

“Government today is far too big for you and me to trust or manage. It is now a whole alphabet soup of private, public, public-private, NGO, corporate, redundant, world, global, and secretive components. Satisfying its own needs and desires. Not the people’s. I will actively promote the principals and application of small government.”

“Since all we get from the Democrats and Republicans is a staggering, enormous Government, it gives me a very great pleasure to commit and sign the Small Government Pledge.”

“I am more than willing to purchase my own freedom with the freedom of my neighbors.”

“I am a small business owner and am fed up with the amount of taxes I pay each year.”

“My grandparents’ generation worked hard with no government support to survive. Some farmed land for their food and meager income. Some worked long hours in the textile mills. But they were proud and strong. Big government and welfare have polluted our generation with sloth and entitlements.”

“I work for a small insurance company/agency. Every day our creativity is stifled by big government rules and regulations.”

“Government is far too large, too intrusive, too powerful, and too capricious.”

“Government is now so big that ANY problem can be either improved or eliminated by a reduction in government. So why feed the machine of big brother when you always have a chance to do the opposite?”

“As an immigrant from Czechoslovakia, it’s sad to see this country turn into the same Socialist system I left. I hope to keep this country what it once was.”

“The Boston Tea Party was held because of a puny proposed ‘tax burden’. Ours is overwhelming.”

“Government is not the solution–government is the problem. The bigger the government, the bigger the problem. Let’s downsize.”

“What the government gives to me it must take from you …and that is a mockery of the Golden Rule.”

“I don’t know what small government looks like; I’ve never seen one. But small has got to be better looking than big.”

“I believe that this [Pledge] is absolutely necessary to reverse the current trend of our governments getting more costly and more intrusive.”

“I am tired of the people in government who have no idea of the consequences of their actions.”

“There is no hope or excuse for big government.”

“I printed and signed the Small Government Pledge quite some time ago [the version advanced by the 2002 Carla Howell for Governor campaign]. I frequently forward articles from Small Government News to friends, and I often quote from it in my articles. Thank you for the many resources you provide.”

“Thank you for thinking of the Small Government Pledge, for this marvelous idea.”

“Small government is a necessity for freedom.”

“I am signing this Pledge to help disseminate knowledge and understanding about the nature and abuses of government.”

“A Government that goes beyond the scope of providing an environment in which its citizens can live their lives as they choose becomes exactly what the government is supposed to protect us from.”

“A small government is a less intrusive government.”

“It’s the only form of government that makes sense!”

“Individuals, families, and communities, in that order, should be self-sufficient and look to themselves to solve their own problems. . Big Government usually only compounds every problem it addresses. Only small, efficient, and limited government will best serve the people.”

“The only way to true freedom is through small government.”

“As a Libertarian candidate for the state legislature, I would like to assure the voters of my district that I will do everything I can to reduce the size of their government and their tax burden.”

“Small government is the only way to insure freedom.”

“Big government removes responsibility from the individual.”

“I am tired. I am tired of governments that take my money and spend on programs I neither want nor need. I am tired of governments that use my money to limit my freedom while expanding the freedoms of criminals. I am tired of confiscatory taxes, fees and other charges to support socialist programs.”

“I love FREEDOM!”

“I am signing because I believe government has grown too big.”

“I take this Pledge to reduce the size and scope of Government.”

“I want to get government out of my wallet and off my back, restore liberty and justice for all, and hold people (including bureaucrats) responsible for their own actions and decisions.”

“Big government will only look after itself.”

“[I am signing the Pledge] because my federal income taxes alone were enough to buy a new car. Every year.”

“Small Government is for the individual, as am I.”

“Government is a necessary evil to be instituted among men; therefore, the smaller the government, the better for all.”

“People must throw off big government and govern themselves.”

“I have been a Carla Howell fan for a couple of years now, and I think the Small Government approach to advance libertarianism is the way to go – simple, obvious, and effective.”

“Your small government credo reads like my exact thoughts.”

“The small government pledge is a great step in the direction of total liberation and release of creative energies around the world.”

“This is something I have worked for since 1952. I am signing to show support for the effort.”

“By voting for small government all the time, I can do my part to help put things back on the right track.”


Would you like to be a Signer of the New Declaration of Independence? Sign the Small Government Pledgeâ„  today!