There’s nothing politicians care about more than votes.

No matter how much big government politicians and their special interest pals spend on elections, they still need votes.

Votes determine who will have the power to enact – or repeal – laws. Spend more of our tax dollars – or cut government spending. Go to war – or stay out of wars. Vote for more overbearing regulations – or lift them off our backs.

You may think your vote doesn’t count. Statistically speaking, it is very rare that one vote determines the outcome of an election.

But cumulatively, votes most definitely count. Votes, and votes alone, determine who will be in charge.

Our big government opponents and their voters could say the same thing. “What does one vote matter?”

But of course they don’t. They mobilize their union cronies, corporate cronies and cartel cronies to get out the vote. It works. Voting gets their big government politicians elected, keeps their big government policies in place, and keeps their big government profits flowing.

They want nothing more than for you, a small government supporter, to believe your vote doesn’t count.

If you’re unwilling to vote, you’re handing big government the election.

Is that what you want?

Wouldn’t you rather we be the ones who show up at the polls? And win elections?

Wouldn’t you want those of us who think government’s too darn big to be, not the silent majority, but the prevailing majority?

Wouldn’t you want to see big government voters so outnumbered that they’re the ones who believe that their vote doesn’t count?

Wouldn’t you want them to be discouraged instead? To see that they can no longer use the force of government to jack up their prices or extract more of your tax dollars for useless programs?

Wouldn’t you want them to have to discover that when they give up their job at a mind-numbing bureaucracy, they can pursue a productive, private-sector career that is far more satisfying?

Don’t let indifference or resignation hand another win to big government.

Vote! Commit yourself to voting small government. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

Please join us and sign the Small Government Pledge℠ today!

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