by Michael Cloud

“If you build it, he will come.”

You recognize the voice. You heard it in the movie, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. Or maybe you read it in W.P. Kinsella’s novel Shoeless Joe.

“If you build it, he will come,” the voice in the cornfield tells Ray Kinsella. Ray’s a reluctant farmer, a wistful idealist, and a disappointed dreamer. But he’s not ready to believe in voices.

Until the voice shows him a vision of a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield.

Ray believes that he’s meant to build it. Against all common sense, against all practical considerations, despite the fact that he cannot afford to build the baseball diamond, he does build it.

And someone does come. Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Later, the Chicago Black Sox players join Shoeless Joe. To play a little baseball.

Finally, one last player joins them. The player who heals Ray’s soul. The one who is the heartbeat of the dreams.

The magic grows. As Field of Dreams ends, we see hundreds of car headlights making their way to the field, drawn there as bees are to flowers.

We need a small government field of dreams.

If we build it, he will come.

Who? The small government Tom Paine or Patrick Henry. A leader in the tradition of Harry Browne.

If we build a small government movement with 10,000 committed members, we may attract one or two.

If we build a small government movement of 100,000, we will attract many leaders of character, credibility, and capability.

Who? Eloquent and persuasive champions of small government who galvanize hundreds of thousands of new members of the movement for small government.

“Field of Dreams” is a fable, but it’s based on a vital truth: Demand attracts supply.

Unsatisfied demand attracts entrepreneurs.

A lot of people in your community want vegetarian cuisine? Business people will soon open vegetarian restaurants. And organic produce stores.

Unable to shovel the snow off your driveway, but want it done? Snow plowing businesses are on the way.

Demand attracts supply.

If we build the demand for small government, new leaders offering it will come.

If we build a movement of small government voters, the Harry Browne small government candidates will come.

That’s the Field of Dreams principle.

You’ve been told that good candidates bring in voters.

It’s almost always false.

But the opposite is almost always true. Good voters bring in good candidates.

Growing numbers of small government voters will bring in a growing number of true small government candidates.

For years, supporters of small government have tried to reverse the Field of Dreams principle.

They thought, “If we find him, they will build it.” If we find the man on the white horse, if we find the charismatic leader, if we find the celebrity, someone else will build the field. Someone else will grow the movement. If we create the supply, someone else will create the demand. If we find the Dream leader, the Dream candidate, someone else will build the Field.

But the player does not call forth the field. The field calls forth the player.

It is time to embrace the Field of Dreams principle. To prosper and profit from it.

You and I and others must grow the movement for small government. We must increase the number of small government pledgers. We must dramatically increase the number of individuals who vote small government. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

If we build it, he will come.

If we build intense, massive demand for small government, the true small government candidates and leaders will come.

If you help us build the movement for small government, he will come.

And when he does come, all of us will boldly go onto the small government field of dreams.

Want to help build a small government Field of Dreams…?

…so small government candidates will come?

Please sign the Small Government Pledgeâ„  today!