Healthcare in the United States is vastly overpriced, often poor quality, and sometimes outright dangerous – all due to a vast array of government controls. It is conceivable that one to two million Americans die a preventable death every year due to the damage done by government intervention in health care.

Healthcare is the number one budget-buster for both federal and state governments, bearing a large part of the responsibility for high taxes and the nation’s growing debt.

Insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs paid by employers and individuals are sky-high. Yet people often lack access to care or have to wait months to get it. Medical bills bankrupt thousands of families every year, including some who have insurance.

The U.S. healthcare industry, as in most developed countries, has been fully coopted by pharmaceutical companies and other special interests. The care they deliver often fails to mitigate disease, sometimes harms patients, and leaves others with severely limited access to health care.

Arguably the worst healthcare crisis in human history, the COVID pandemic was likely created by researchers using funds provided by the federal NIAID under the leadership of Anthony Fauci.

Driven by elites with a political agenda and profiteering pharmaceuticals, the government response to the pandemic was to suppress life-saving treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine while mandating deadly hospital protocols and even deadlier vaccine mandates.

The worldwide pandemic response was far more deadly than the virus itself. It is estimated that COVID vaccines alone killed between 13 and 17 million people worldwide – about as many human beings as were killed in World War I. Millions more were injured and suffer permanent disabilities.

To end government control of medicine, we must dismantle each of its major components, which can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Subsidies – Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, CHIP, the Veterans Administration, and state-based subsidies such as School Based Health Centers
  • FDA and FCC regulation of drugs, medical devices, and certain lab tests.
  • Insurance regulations – Obamacare, the HMO Act, ERISA, IRS exemption of employer-paid insurance, plus many state regulations and mandates
  • Laboratory test regulations
  • Regulation of hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities
  • Licensing of doctors, nurses, and other professionals.
  • Research grants
  • Mandates such as COVID testing, COVID vaccination, masking, and the childhood vaccine schedule.
  • Laws that absolve vaccine manufacturers of liability.

All of these components of government intervention make medicine clumsy, wasteful, inconvenient, and harmful. They inflate prices to between five and ten times what healthcare should cost, putting needed care out of reach for many.

Not one of these components is needed. Each of them can and should be repealed. In their place, the free market will deliver much higher quality medicine at a dramatically lower cost.

Free market healthcare will be comprised of practitioners, independent drug testing services, medical certifying bodies, laboratories, research centers, and more – all operating in the private sector. All will be subject to competition which will drive costs down while raising the level of quality and convenience for customers. All will be liable for damage due to fraud, willful negligence, malfeasance, or failure to disclose knowledge of safety concerns. The private sector will develop sophisticated and flexible protocols and methodologies for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Consumers will be far more knowledgeable and empowered to make decisions for their family’s health.