All That is Necessary for the Continued Growth of Big Government Is for Us to UN-do Nothing

by Michael Cloud

Big Government politicians go to Washington, D.C. or your state capitol with a pen – to write new laws and expand government programs.

Small government politicians go with an eraser – to reduce, remove, repeal, and roll back Big Government powers and programs.

Big Government politicians go to Congress or the legislature to do Big Government’s work.

Small government politicians go to UN-do Big Government.

Big Government politicians are held back by their own “Do Nothing” allies.

Small government politicians are held back by our own “UN-do Nothing” allies.

Numerous elected politicians proclaim their support for smaller government. Many campaign for reducing and removing waste from federal and state government budgets.

But they Un-do nothing. Few even try.

They carp and complain and campaign against Big Government. But they UN-do nothing.

They do NOT introduce bills to reduce, remove, repeal, or roll back Big Government programs or spending.

They do NOT try to amend spending bills with a dramatically lower spending amount.

They do NOT introduce bills to repeal Big Government laws and regulations currently on the books.

They do NOT try to dismantle or cut back existing Big Government economic and social programs.

Almost every, if not every, government budget is higher this year than it was last year. And government spending was higher last year than the year before. Every year, elected politicians increase government spending.

But try to find even one self-declared smaller government office holder who authored legislation, offered an amendment, or voted to make this year’s government spending lower than last year.

They talk smaller government, but they UN-do nothing.

A true champion of small government is in office for one reason: to dismantle the destructive machinery of Big Government. Starting now. He acts to make government small. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

He doesn’t just stand there. He UN-does something.

Elected champions of small government are there to pull up the weeds, not water and fertilize them.

To prune the poisonous and destructive branches of Big Government, not foster their growth.

To tie off and cut back the roots of Big Government: taxes, fees, and borrowing.

All That is Necessary for the Continued Growth of Big Government is for You and I to UN-do Nothing.

For unless we UN-do Big Government, we will be un-done.

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