Is Change Really Possible?

by Carla Howell


"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground," wrote Thomas Jefferson.

Is Big Government inevitable? Are we stuck with Big Government?

"You can't fight city hall," say some.

A few countries have altered or reformed their governments. Not one has removed Big Government and replaced it with small government.

No society, no civilization, no people has ever succeeded in making government small.

Wouldn't you like America to be the first?

The challenges are great, and the obstacles large. But we have a choice. Every voter has a choice.

We can choose small government. We show others the benefits of small government. We can campaign and vote to make government small.

Our votes determine our destiny.


The alternatives to voting small government

Americans have voted Big Government for decades. Those votes gave politicians a green light to expand Big Government.

Many say, "hold your nose and vote" for the "lesser of two evils". These "lesser evils" usually turn out to be just as Big Government as their opponents.

Even when they are slightly "lesser evils", they vote to increase government spending, amass huge government debts, hike taxes, and expand failed, destructive Big Government Programs. Their feign attempts to "hold the line on government" quickly give way to votes for bigger budgets - and more Big Government.

If you vote for Big Government politicians and policies, your vote will not be interpreted as being for the lesser of two evils. Rather, your vote will be seen as an endorsement of Big Government - whether you meant it that way or not. The "lesser evil" politician who campaigns on sustaining or expanding Big Government will use your vote as justification for sustaining and expanding Big Government

A vote for a Big Government politician aids and abets Big Government. A vote for Big Government gives you Big Government.

Today a majority of Americans don't vote at all. Many are not even registered to vote.

If you want small government but refuse to vote, you give Big Government votes more weight. You play right into the hands of Big Government advocates who want nothing more than for you to give up and stay home - so that elections are determined solely by Big Government supporters.

Non-voting will not be interpreted as rejection of the Big Government choices on the ballot. Rather, it will be portrayed as apathy or acceptance of Big Government. Politicians will use your abstention to raise taxes and increase spending.

Every alternative to voting small government is counter-productive. Every alternative to voting small government makes Big Government bigger.


The Big Government voting scam

Many try to convince voters that they have only two choices: a Big Government Democrat or a Big Government Republican. Sometimes a Big Government third party or independent candidate is also offered.

When a bona fide small government candidate appears on the ballot, many will try to convince you that his or her candidacy doesn't count or that it's a wasted vote.

This is a manipulation designed to exclude small government. If you want small government, you must reject such claims. You must insist on your right to vote for small government.

Imagine you had cancer, and your oncologist gave you a choice: take the blue pill to make your tumors grow and spread, or take the red pill to make them grow and spread a little slower. Would you take the blue pill, take the red pill, or point out to your doctor that he's committing malpractice?

Politicians, the media, and others who tell you you must vote Big Government are committing Election Malpractice. They're advising you to vote for candidates who represent the opposite of what you want. Who will raise your taxes and impose more Big Government on your life.

Make no mistake. You never have to vote for Big Government.


Voting small government - the only way not to waste your vote

You can vote against Big Government - and for small government - every time you go to the polls. Privately and without recrimination.

You can vote for candidates who firmly pledge to make government small. Who are passionately committed to making government small.

You can write in a small government candidate where none is on the ballot. Or write in and vote for "small government" when you have no small government candidate to vote for in your district. You can use your vote to reject all Big Government choices and cast your vote for making government small.

When you vote only for candidates who will make government small, and against every Big Government Politician, your vote is an irrefutable endorsement of small government - and an irrefutable rejection of Big Government.

When you vote small government, you help stop the growth of Big Government. To stop the damage it does to people, to businesses, to our liberty and our property.

When you vote small government, you exercise the power you have to fight against Big Government.

There's nothing a politician responds more to than your vote!

If you want small government, your vote is usually the only thing that can alter how a politician behaves in office. Even if re-elected, each vote against him - and for a small government alternative - puts him on notice. The more small government votes cast, the more reluctant he will be to raise taxes and enact more Big Government.


How can we get from here to small government?

If we firmly commit to voting small government at every opportunity - every election, every time, no exceptions, no excuses - we can start to build a voting block for small government.

If we convince others to vote against Big Government - and for small government - the body of small government voters can grow bigger.

Every vote for small government moves us closer.

Every vote for small government makes the job of running a small government campaign easier. Less dependence on the hostile, Big Government mainstream media to get out our small government message. Less work, money, time and energy is needed to run more small government campaigns. To get more small government initiatives on the ballot.

The more small government choices on the ballot - the more who will vote small government.

We begin to build a mandate for small government.

The larger the mandate for small government, the closer we come to replacing politicians who expand Big Government with candidates who will shrink it.


The potential of voting small government

Consider what would happen if we elected small government candidates in key elections.

If we elect a small government president who vetoes every Big Government bill, and if we elect small government candidates to just one third of either the Congress or the Senate who will sustain those vetoes, we could block every expansion of the federal government .

If we achieved that, the awareness of and demand for small government would surge. We could elect a majority of congressmen who will pass bills to dismantle, end, and de-fund massive Big Government federal programs. Within a few short years, we could make the federal government small.

At the state level we could do the same. Block every expansion of Big Government by electing small government governors and enough legislators to sustain vetoes.

In states with a line item veto, one governor and a minority of small government legislatures could immediately shrink Big Government. A small government governor could veto every Big Government program in the existing budget. Small government representatives in as little as one third of either the house or senate would be sufficient to sustain those vetoes. Within just one year, we could eliminate failed and destructive Big Government Programs and slash state taxes dramatically.

The president, governors, and mayors have authority to order cuts in some areas of government without needing to pass a bill by executive order. Small government candidates elected to these offices can shrink government regulation and spending on the day they're sworn into office.

Ballot initiatives offer a powerful way for voters to directly shrink Big Government. To bypass Big Government Politicians.

About fifteen states offer a viable statewide ballot initiative process. Local initiatives are possible in a great many towns, cities, townships, and counties across the United States. If majorities vote for small government ballot initiatives, we could immediately cut spending, regulations, and taxes.

If enough of us exercise our authority to vote only for small government, we can quickly dismantle Big Government. We can end massive Big Government programs and return those functions to the private sector where they belong. We can dramatically slash taxes and spending - at all levels. Small government comes within our reach.


The small government opportunity

Millions of Americans already want small government. Millions more just need to know that it's possible. The more of us who vote small government, the more who will join us.

Small government is possible. That's a fact. The only question is: will we summon the will to vote small government?

If you vote small government, you bring us one step closer.

Each person you email or talk to who votes small government brings us one step closer.

Each small government campaign you support brings us one step closer.

Each action you take to make small government the number one priority in politics brings us one step closer.

Your small government vote matters. A lot. Your actions to make government small matter. A lot. They're your chance to stop politicians from making Big Government bigger. To turn American politics away from Big Government and towards small government. To create a mandate for small government.

Vote small government. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

Start today. Take the Small Government Pledge!


"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

- Thomas Paine


Copyright 2005 Carla Howell