Why Small Government Is Beautiful

by Carla Howell and Michael Cloud


Small government is a night watchman. A skeleton crew. A tiny institution restricted to defending our lives, liberty, and property.

Small government is a mere fraction of the cost, authority, resources, power, and size of today's Big Government.

Small government is simple and cheap.

Small government is thrifty and effective.

Small government is accountable and responsible.

There's no place to hide waste and corruption in a small government budget.

Small government means individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Small government enables and encourages self-reliance and voluntary cooperation. Creativity and productivity. Progress and prosperity.

Small government leaves us with the resources and responsibility for supporting our families.

It leaves us able and willing to support mutual aid and voluntary charity.

It leaves us free to act from the love of our families, compassion for neighbors truly in need, and empathy for those unable to help themselves.

Small government is beautiful.

Do you want small government? If so, here's one small but importnat step you can take.