Things You Can Do To Help Make Government Small

Easy things

  1. If you're not already registered to vote at your current address, register today!
  2. Take the Small Government Pledge.
  3. Vote AGAINST Big Government and FOR small government! Every election.
  4. Ask the people in your life who want small government to take the Small Government Pledge.
  5. Ask people in your life who may want small government - friends, family, co-workers, fellow club members, etc. - to visit this web site. Send them to:
  6. Subscribe to Small Government News -- and forward issues to your friends, co-workers, relatives, and neighbors when one looks like something they'd be interested in.
  7. Help us make small government the #1 political priority in America by donating to the Center For Small Government.

Support small government campaigns

  1. Look for small government candidates and initiatives in your state. Determine if they move us in the direction of small government or Big Government. Apply the Weight Watchers Test.
  2. Ask candidates running for office in your area to read, consider, and take the Small Government Pledgesm for Candidates.
  3. Let us know about credible, well-organized, serious, small government candidates. Be sure to apply the Weight Watchers Test carefully to confirm that they will act to make government small. Every issue. Every time.
  4. Let us know of any small government ballot initiatives in your area. Again, be sure to apply the Weight Watchers Test carefully.
  5. Volunteer or donate money to a candidate who has taken the Small Government Pledgesm - and abides by it completely. Every issue. Every time.
  6. Volunteer or donate to a ballot initiative that passes the Weight Watchers Test -- such as the 2002 Initiative in Massachusetts to End the State Income Tax.
  7. If there's no small government candidate on the ballot, find a candidate to write in and vote for in your district who'd be willing to take the office if elected and who has taken the Small Government Pledge. If you don't have anyone, either write yourself in or blank the ballot.

Develop your small government selling skills - for candidates and for everyday political discussion

  1. Make a habit of applying the Weight Watchers Test to every government policy proposal you hear about, i.e., ask yourself, "Does this make government bigger or smaller than it is now?"
  2. Play the game Find the BIGGIBS! and learn to detect Big Government bias. Get good at finding BIGGIBS so you spot bias automatically whenever you see or hear it.
  3. Train yourself to sell small government by developing your persuasion skills. Start by purchasing and reading cover-to-cover Michael Cloud's Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion.

Other things you can do

  1. Volunteer for the Center For Small Government - and help us make government small. We'll contact you if a need arises that matches the services you offer. Thank you!
  2. After training yourself to speak the language of small government and signing the Small Government Pledge, consider running for office as a small government candidate or running a ballot initiative. Or become a major supporter (donor, campaign team member, key volunteer) of a serious, bold, small government campaign. The Center For Small Government is available to consult with serious and effective small government campaigns.
  3. Find someone who is passionately committed to small government and who has learned to speak the language of small government. Ask them to run for office.
  4. Empower small government officeholders in your state, district, or town by helping them face up to Big Government and devise ways to make government small. Research government budgets. Help identify all the authorities of their office. Look for bold, creative, and saleable ways to exploit those authorities to make government small.
  5. Help keep data on this web site accurate. If you see any factual errors, please send us feedback and let us know.