Moving, Stirring, and Thought-Provoking": What Attendees Called the First Summit For Small Government

Tea Party organizers, folks from the Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association, Stop the Pike Hike, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Republican Party and unaffiliated activists found common ground at the First Summit For Small Government.

Why? Because all of us are committed to acting to cut taxes, reduce government spending, and shrink the size, power, and meddling of today's Big Government.

"Well worth the time and expense to travel to Boston," said an activist from Maryland who attended the Summit.

"The material you presented was succinct and to the point...I'm looking forward to putting the information to use with our candidates here in Maryland in next year's elections!"

"We had a fantastically inspirational time," said another participant who attended with her husband.

"It was a great first summit! Congratulations!" said another.

"If I told you what I really thought of this Summit, you'd get a swelled head," smiled another. "I'm glad I came."

"Nobody but Nobody does more to advance small government than Carla and Michael," said a conservative attendee.

"An embarrassment of riches. You gave us dozens of useful ideas, approaches, and tools for pruning back Big Government. Thank you," said a libertarian participant.

"When are you going to do another Summit For Small Government?" asked one participant. "I'm coming back - and I'm bringing friends!"

90 people greeted Summit speakers, panelists, and presenters - who did a great job - and were warmly received. Thank you, Sharon Harris, Kamal Jain, Rich Aucoin, Atty. Peter Kuntz, Pat Abramson, Dr. Charles Ormsby, and Craig Franklin.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated.

- Carla Howell and Michael Cloud


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