Strike at the Root

by Michael Cloud

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root," wrote Henry David Thoreau.

And if one of the thousand succeeded at pruning one of those branches of evil, the sap that sustained it would flow into other limbs and nurture new outgrowths.

Big Government is the root, the source of damaging and destructive government programs and policies.

But the poisonous branches of Big Government attract us, distract us, divert us, and detour us. They captivate, tempt and tantalize us.

We see the evils of Drug Prohibition and the War on Drugs, so we raise the banner, enlist soldiers, and seek to do battle with the Drug Warriors.

We see Eminent Domain seizures of private property and we are outraged. We sound the trumpet, rally the troops, and charge.

We are stunned and staggered by the Ponzi Scheme called Social Security. We raise the alarm, seek ways to free those trapped in the system, and develop solutions that will voluntarize, marketize, and privatize retirement programs.

We cannot turn away from the government's flagrant infringements and violations of freedom of the Press, freedom of Speech, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Right of Privacy, the Right to Jury Trial, and more. We recruit, educate, and activate more and more of us to fight each encroachment.

Friends of freedom can and must hack at the poisonous branches. To do otherwise is to surrender and submit.

But while we hack at the branches of evil, Big Government grows bigger and more powerful. It nourishes and enlarges the branches.

In the past, when friends of freedom severed or pruned a branch, the root did not shrink. It grew - and forced sap into vigorous limbs and new twigs.

When we repealed Alcohol Prohibition, government did not shrink.

It grew a new branch to impose Drug Prohibition and the War on Drugs.

When we ended Military Conscription, when we ended the Draft, our government did not end military interventionism.

When the federal government ended its ban on gold ownership, government did not shrink.

When the Berlin Wall came down, when the Soviet Union dissolved, when the Cold War ended, we did not get a peace dividend. Government did not get smaller. It got bigger.

The branches were cut off, but the root remained. It fed and fostered new branches.

We must strike at the root of America's problems.

Big Government is the root. Big Government's programs and policies are the branches.

When we strike at the root, the branches weaken and wither and shrivel.

When we strike at the root, the branches are easier to sever and prune.

When we strike at the root, no new branches grow.

We must strike at Big Government itself. We must reduce and remove Big Government spending, taxes, obligations, authority, and power.

We must make government small. And with only those branches that defend each person's life, liberty, and property.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

Be one in a thousand. Make government small.


Copyright 2005 by Michael Cloud


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