The Small Government Proposal
for Education Funding and Choice

How to Quickly Transition From Government-Run
Public Schools to Free Market Schools

by Michael Cloud

Do you want to dramatically boost educational quality and choice in America?

Would you love to radically reduce schooling costs and waste at the same time?

What if you could also drastically shrink your property taxes - and your other state and local taxes - too? And so could your neighbors.

What if this transitioned your community, your state, and America from Government-run public schools to a free market in education?

If this were possible, if you could help make it happen, would YOU want it?

The idea is simple. The proposal is simple. And the benefits are astonishing.

Pretend you live in a small community. 10,000 homes. 2,000 homeowners have children attending the community's public schools. 4,000 kids.

Let's imagine that your friendly, tax-funded, government-run public school system spends $7,500 per student, per year. 4,000 students = $30,000,000 per year.

Just to keep this example simple, pretend that each house is worth the same amount. Pretend that each home is assessed an equal share of the cost of the public schools through property taxes. 1/10,000th of $30,000,000 each year.

Each homeowner is taxed $3,000 a year for public schools.

Putting a student into the local public school COSTS taxpayers $7,500 per year.

NOT putting a student into the local public school system SAVES taxpayers $7,500 per year.

Taking a student out of the local public schools REDUCES the public school expenses $7,500 per year.

THE SMALL GOVERNMENT PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL FUNDING AND CHOICE : Every homeowner who does NOT put a student into the local public schools gets a 100% tax credit for the part of property taxes that pays for public schools. $3,000 back each year.

Each homeowner is free to choose. Use the public schools and pay the tax. Or don't use the public schools and don't pay the tax.

Each homeowner without children in the public schools can choose to take the $3,000 a year tax cut - or keep paying it.

Each homeowner who takes the Tax Cut will have $3,000 more each year to spend or save or invest.

Millions of these dollars will be spent in local businesses.

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars will be donated to local churches and charities and service organizations.

Many families trapped in public schools will now be able to afford to educate their children the way they really want.

A family can home school a child for $1,000 a year.

Or send a child to a Parochial school for $2,000 to $3,000 a year in many communities.

Or enroll a child in many private schools for $3,000 to $5,000 a year.

The Small Government Proposal for Educational Funding and Choice even benefits those homeowners who choose to keep their kids in public schools.

Why? Because the parents hold the purse strings for public school funding. They can stop paying the tax and take their kids out of the school any time they want. They can use this option to require open books on all public school spending. They can use it to remove waste and non-essential spending from the school budget. This will make public school officials and teachers accountable to them.

The Small Government Proposal for Educational Funding and Choice offers each homeowner a huge property tax cut. Or bargaining power to reduce or remove needless public school spending.

It gives each homeowner with children a choice of their education: public, private, parochial, or home schooling.

And, when they are free to choose, we will see a quick transition from government-run public schools to privately-funded free market schools.


Author's note: This small government proposal is designed to turn school property taxes into user fees. Homeowners who use the service pay the fee. Those who do not, do not. The proposal above is designed for a school system funded primarily by property taxes on homes. This may need to be adapted where there are apartments - or school property taxes on businesses. It will need to be re-designed in states that fund public schools through other tax mechanisms. But the principle remains the same.


Would you like to see more proposals like this - that actually shrink the size, scope, spending, and authority of Big Government? Support candidates who campaign on small government proposals and sign the Small Government Pledgesm today!