Almost Every Election in America
Is a One-Way Race

by Carla Howell

Almost Every Election in America in 2006 is a One-Way Race.

What's the one way? Big Government.

Almost every candidate running for an office with budget authority will vote for budgets that are as high or higher than the current budget. If elected, they will keep Big Government big - or make it bigger.

If their opponent wins, their opponent will vote for budgets as high or higher than the current budget. They will keep Big Government big - or make it bigger.

Unless candidates specifically - and publicly - promise to work to cut the overall size, spending, and taxation of government from where it is today to something much smaller, you should expect them to keep Big Government big - or make it bigger.

Almost no candidates even address the issue of the overall size or the overall spending of Big Government. Even fewer offer specific proposals to reduce it substantially.

One-way Big Government races guarantee Big Government Politicians will be elected.

Local candidates on the ballot today who get elected will drive $50 million budgets up to $60 million within a few years.

State legislative and governor candidates will drive $48 billion dollar budgets up over $55 billion within a couple of years. They will vote for those budgets and sign them into law.

U.S. Senate and congressional candidates will drive the $2.8 trillion federal budget to over $3.2 trillion within a few years.

Every additional dollar that goes into local, state, and federal government coffers will be used to create or expand Big Government Programs that don't work - and that make things worse. Regulations that take away our freedoms. Big Government Programs that harm the very people they're intended to help.

We desperately need candidates like the late, great Harry Browne, the 2000 and 1996 Libertarian Presidential candidate.

Harry Browne came out swinging for small government. He proposed to dramatically cut the federal budget -- by over 94%!

The federal budget was $1.9 trillion when Browne ran for office. He vowed to veto any budget that didn't stay on his schedule to reduce it down to $100 billion within eight years. He aimed to slash federal spending, end the federal income tax, end the Social Security tax, and dismantle a large array of Big Government Programs.

It's hard to overstate how greatly Americans would benefit if Harry Browne's proposals were enacted into law. How many businesses would innovate, expand and create jobs. How much easier it would be to support our families, save money, and buy the things we want and need. How much freer we would be.

Because there are almost no small government candidates on the ballot, expect bigger government budgets in the next few years. Expect higher taxes and more debt to pay for them.

People ask me which of the candidates for governor in Massachusetts I recommend in 2006.

I tell them it's a one-way race. Four candidates are on the ballot - all for Big Government. None propose small government. None of them even come close. All of them will raise overall taxes and overall spending by over $1 billion every year. Just like Republican Governor Mitt Romney did over the last four years. Just like Republican Governor Paul Cellucci did before him. Just like Republican Governor William Weld did before him.

The Massachusetts election is like most elections in America. A one-way race for more Big Government.

That's the way it is - today. That's the way it's been for a long time. That's why government budgets in America have grown to a total of over $4.8 trillion every year. Coming out of your pocket.

Every vote for a Big Government candidate legitimizes one-way Big Government elections. It says, "OK, I'll settle for Big Government choices as my only options." It guarantees we will get more Big Government. Higher budgets. Higher taxes. More regulations. Lost freedoms.

Voting for Big Government candidates keeps us on a one-way path to Big Government.

It doesn't have to be that way - in the future.

We must replace one-way Big Government races with two-way races: Big Government versus small government. We must make small government a choice in every election.

We need a lot of small government candidates like Harry Browne . At all levels of government.

We must encourage and attract as many small government candidates to run for office as we can. Candidates who propose to boldly reduce Big Government and move us in the direction of small government. Candidates who promise to slash government budgets. Eliminate taxes. Dismantle Big Government Programs.

What should we do if there's no small government candidate on the ballot? Never vote for Big Government just because it's the only choice. Write-in a small government candidate you know if your ballot permits it. Or simply leave that ballot choice blank.

Every small government vote de-legitimizes one-way Big Government elections.

Every small government vote encourages true small government candidates.

Every small government vote brings us closer to the day when we have real two-way races all over America.


Do you want all elections in America to include a small government choice?

Help us build a small government Field of Dreams