Let's start now to build
Small Government Momentum for 2008

America, once the Land of the Free, is fast becoming the Big Government laughing stock of the world.

As communist and socialist countries around the world shed layers of government and allow their economies to bloom, America is moving in the opposite direction: towards more Big Government and an economy built on a house of cards.

Big Government is crippling our ability to create and maintain wealth. Big Government is driving up the cost of living and doing business in America. We have lost much of our ability to compete in manufacturing to the rest of the world, and are fast losing our ability to compete in services and technology. Private citizens who can't keep up with the rising costs are taking on more personal debt and saving less. Politicians are driving up already astronical government debt -- and even bigger government liabilities. Their Federal Reserve appointees are printing money and plundering the value of the dollar.

Big Government Politicians are clinically addicted to handing out pork, meddling in foreign countries, and inventing new ways to restrict how we live.

To turn this around, save America from financial ruin, and restore our freedoms, we must advance a bold agenda for small government. We must dismantle, repeal, reduce and remove Big Government Programs, taxes, and spending.

The Center For Small Government seeks candidates of any political party and independents running for office in 2007 or 2008 who, if elected, will work to make government substantially smaller than it is today. Whom we can count on to vote small government - every issue, every time. Whose campaigns advance a bold agenda to shrink Big Government.

Specifically, we seek candidates who:

  1. Sign and live by the Small Government Pledgesmfor Candidates and the Terms and Conditions of its use.
  2. Never, ever advocate for Big Government nor indicate that they will vote for or work to expand government in any way whatsoever. Small government plus one exception equals Big Government.
  3. Make the central feature of their campaigns one or more specific, bold small government proposals that candidates pledge to advance if elected.
  4. Propose sizable reductions in overall government spending from current levels. Make government small!

If you're considering running for office in 2007 or 2008, please click here to take the Small Government Pledge for Candidates.

Know any candidates who may fit the bill? Please send them to this web page and ask them to take the Small Government Pledgesm.

We need a lot of small government candidates - running at all levels of government.

Want to support and encourage them? More will step forward - if you step forward.

It takes a lot of energy, time, money, and courage to run for office. Your signing the Small Government Pledgesm as a voter can make it a lot easier. And encourage more small government candidates to step up to the plate in 2007 and 2008.

Help them help you by committing to vote for small government candidates. And by committing to never vote for their Big Government opponents. Take the Small Government Pledgesm for voters today.