Mission of the Center For Small Government

Today's Big Government is way too big, too powerful, too costly, too nosy, and too bossy. Our mission is to make government small. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

The Center For Small Government seeks to shrink the size of Big Government. To dramatically reduce government spending, taxes, power, debt, assets, and liabilities. We aim to dismantle, reduce, and remove Big Government policies and programs. At all levels of government: federal, state, and local.


"The problem is not the abuse of government power. The problem is the government's power to abuse," wrote Michael Cloud. "Take away the resources of Big Government, and no abuse is possible."

The vast majority of political activists advocate for Big Government - whether in the mainstream media, political campaigns, schools, PACs, lobbyists, bloggers, or think tanks. They work to increase overall taxation and spending levels.

Of those who want to reduce Big Government or expand freedom, almost all of them either refrain from directly participating in elections, or they limit their advocacy to "holding the line" on Big Government. They fight against the latest expansion of Big Government. They oppose new expansions of Big Government. Or they advocate for reforms in the hope they will lead to less government.

The Center For Small Government is the only organization in America whose express purpose is to make government small and which advocates for large-scale reductions in Big Government: dramatic cuts in overall spending and huge, immediate, broad-based tax cuts that benefit everyone.

If this is what you want, we invite you to join the Center For Small Government and help us make small government the #1 Political Priority.

Creating a framework for small government

The Center For Small Government does not provide in-depth analyses of Big Government policies and programs. Numerous books, think tanks, web sites, brochures, and other resources already document the flaws, failures, and damaging effects of Big Government.

Rather, we provide a framework for small government; a new way of thinking about politics that is necessary to make government small.

The most important political divide in America today is not Liberal versus Conservative, not Left versus Right, not Democrat versus Republican. These are all variations on Big Government.

The crucial political choice is: Big Government versus small government.

We judge every political proposal by its effect on today's Big Government: Does this make it bigger? Leave it the same size? Or shrink it?

Does it keep Big Government big - or move us in the direction of small government?

We call this the Weight Watchers Test for Big Government. All government policy proposals should be judged by whether or not they pass the Weight Watchers Test.

Proposals for small government

Almost every government policy proposal you hear about today calls for more Big Government.

We need small government proposals. Bold, effective, attractive proposals that substantially shrink Big Government. That give money and authority back to the taxpayer. That candidates can run on. That ballot initiatives can be formed around. That inspire voters to vote.

Voting for small government

There's nothing a politician listens to more than your vote.

We cannot advance liberty so long as we continue to vote for Big Government politicians and ballot initiatives. Nor if we sit on the sidelines.

In order to move in the direction of small government, we must stop voting Big Government. We must go to the polls on Election Day and vote small government. At all levels of government: local, state, and federal.

The Center For Small Government urges voters and candidates of all parties, as well as independents, who want small government to sign the Small Government Pledgesm. Signers of the Pledge promise to vote small government. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

Small government voters encourage small government candidates. Every signer of the Small Government Pledgesm brings us closer to the day when a legion of qualified small government candidates will step forward and run for office. Candidates who will shine a light on the benefits of small government for voters everywhere to see. Candidates who will give you a chance to vote for bold reductions in Big Government. Candidates who will spark the Movement for Small Government.

Please join us

If you want small government, please join us. Help us make small government the
#1 Political Priority in America. Please donate to the Center For Small Government today.