Zoomed-out View

Big Government advocates like to make their small "tax cuts" (which often involve no real cuts at all) look big. So they zoom out on its impact by citing the longest period of time they can get away with.

A zoomed out view not only makes a small tax cut look bigger. It ignores that fact that tax cuts implemented over time are often repealed or cut back by politicians - who are careful to wait for enough time pass so voters won't notice it. It also ignores the fact that during that time period, politicians will raise other taxes to more than offset any tax cuts. By the time the alleged tax cut will have taken effect, politicians merely change their rhetoric or their focus to another topic. Their zoomed-out view of an alleged tax cut is long forgotten before any politician is held to account for deceiving voters.


President Bush likes to refer to the tax "cut" he signed into law in 2001 as a "$1.35 trillion tax cut over 10 years". If it were to actually cut taxes (which it won't), it would be more honest to call it a $130 billion per year tax cut.