Glorifying Government

Glorifying Government is the practice of showcasing the most positive outcomes available, typically only anecdotal, about the impact of a government program. Media news reports showcase people who benefited from the program while refusing to report the many people hurt by the consequences of that same program. They refuse to show how the higher tax burden required to fund that program hurts everyone.


A news article covers the heart-rending story of a man named Glen Gotchall who was "saved" by a kidney dialysis funded by Medicaid. It neglects to mention that Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs have caused the cost of all health care to skyrocket and that the cost of a kidney dialysis may be cut by a factor of ten if Medicaid, Medicare, and other government medical subsidies were ended. Mr. Gotchall may actually have received kidney dialysis and improved his health much sooner if Medicaid didn't exist.

The article's authors and editors also refuse to note how the many trillions of dollars Americans have been forced to pay in taxes to fund Medicaid impoverish us. By ending these programs and cutting taxes, Mr. Gotchall could afford top notch medical care without any government assistance at all.