Free Lunch

Even though many have heard and understand the meaning of the expressions, "Ain't no such thing as a free lunch" and, "Money doesn't grow on trees", Big Government advocates routinely try to convince us we can get something for nothing.

But someone in the end always pays for Big Government Programs. And that someone is YOU.

Sometimes you pay for it indirectly. Big Government advocates simply refuse to remind voters where the money for their Big Government Programs come from - your tax dollars.

Sometimes they try to convince voters that others will have to pay for it. Visitors from out of state will pay more of the burden if we collect it through turnpike tolls near the state line or from taxes on hotels, ferries, rental cars, and taxis.

What goes unnoticed is that politicians in every state in the nation play the same game of claiming out-of-staters will pay our bills. But we're all paying these bills - and they've already grown huge.

Sometimes they stick it to future generations by issuing bonds. But these debts must eventually be repaid. And Americans pay hundreds of billions of dollars of interest on those debts every year.

Furthermore, using bonds to put off paying now for more government spending ignores the huge sums we're paying in taxes right now for the many giveaways that have accumulated over time.

Dumping the cost of government spending on others, including future taxpayers, obliterates the essential force of personal responsibility necessary to keep costs under control and necessary to ensure a product or service is even worth having. That's why it's common for government-funded services to cost two to ten times more than they would purchased in the private sector.