Freedom Bashing

The mainstream news media exploits opportunities to expose any flaw or failure of the free marketplace - rather than show the effectiveness of the free market. We call this Freedom Bashing.

Example 1:

A news story occasionally portrays a dietary supplement as unsafe while noting repeatedly that dietary supplements are relatively unregulated by the government. They infer or outright declare that more government regulation is needed. Yet they neglect to report that only a handful of deaths have been attributed to all dietary supplements in their entire history.

At the same time, they give relatively little coverage to the deadly results of over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs. Rarely do they note that over-the-counter drugs kill more than 5,000 Americans - every year. Rarely do they note that prescriptions drugs kill more than 100,000 Americans - every year. When they do report on the dangers of these highly government-regulated drugs, they portray them as needing more, not less, government regulation.

Example 2:

A news story covers the very rare case of a troubled home school family, pretending it's representative of home schoolers as a whole. It ignores and dismisses the fact that, according to numerous studies, home school children do as well or better than children in public schools in all areas of child development - including academics and in their relationships with their parents.

Example 3:

If a rare business executive breaks the law - and even sometimes when they've done nothing illegal - the media launches a multi-year smear campaign against business. There have been many news stories scorning the unethical financial practices of certain corporations. Yet there are almost none that expose the vastly larger and more common financial misdeeds of Big Government.

Big Government Politicians enact laws that only apply to government and which enable a variety of government budget shell games. If compared side by side, the financial dealings of Big Government would make companies like Enron, Tyco and WorldCom look like saints. Big Government squanders, wastes, mismanages and loses more money than the private sector by many orders of magnitude.

Example 4:

Advocates of socialized medicine blame private insurance companies for the high cost of health care - while ignoring the many insurance mandates that these same socialized medicine advocates supported, and which forced insurance companies to raise their prices - the very problem they bemoan. Insurance companies, along with almost the entire health care industry, do not operate in a free market at all, but rather a market highly regulated by government. The problem with health insurance is Big Government - and the lack of a free market.