Everything You Need To Know

About Big Government

But Were Afraid To Ask

by Carla Howell


WARNING: If you're under doctor's care for a heart condition,
if you're being treated by a psychiatrist for clinical depression,
or if you're easily frustrated by things you can't change right
away, do not read the information below.


How big is Big Government?

Bigger than you think..MORE


What Big Government costs you

47 cents out of every dollar you earn. That's your combined local, state, and federal taxes. Direct and indirect. (Source: financial writer Harry Browne)

But that's just taxes.

Big Government taxes, regulations, red tape, mandates, and takings cost Americans many TRILLIONS of dollars - every year!

And that's just the monetary costs of government... MORE


A Swarm of Government Agencies

Where does the money go? How do Big Government Politicians manage to spend so many trillions of dollars every year?

They won't tell us much. They refuse to open the books. They refuse to disclose complete and straightforward financial information about exactly how your tax dollars are spent. The News Media stands by silently.

But you can get an idea of how some of the money is spent - and how vast Big Government has become - by scanning over the long lists of departments, commissions, boards, and agencies within state, federal, and local governments. A few are listed below.

Remember that these lists do not reflect the large portion of government spending that is out-sourced, i.e., government-funded contractors and sub-contractors.

Nor does it reflect the cost of government regulations that force individuals and businesses to carry out Big Government mandates.

Look over the lists of government agencies below. Ask yourself:

  • Which of these government agencies would you dismantle and shut down - just from their names alone - because they don't belong in government? Because they don't defend our life, liberty or property?
  • Which ones would you eliminate because they are needless duplications?
  • Which government agencies would you downsize because they spend way more of your tax dollars than they need to accomplish their objective?

New York City agencies

Texas state government agencies

New Hampshire state government agencies

Massachusetts state government agencies

California state government agencies

United States federal government agencies


Have you had enough Big Government?

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