Is This For You?

Our readers and supporters asked us to put on a Summit For Small Government.

A number of them emailed, wrote, and called us.

They said, "Give us a 1-Day Summit — and give us
a low price. Give us a day Jam-Packed with powerful stuff we can use to slow
down, stop,
and turn around the growth of Big Government."

We get it. They convinced us.

We're doing what they asked. We're doing it your way.


You are Invited to the 1-Day Jam-Packed
First Summit For Small Government
Saturday, June 6th in Newton, Massachusetts

Will you take just 6 minutes — and read
why this is exactly what you want and need now?



Small Government Summit Details

Here's What You'll Get from this Amazing 1-Day Summit

Revealed for the First time: A Strategy that Forces Supporters of Big Government to Outspend You 10 to 1, 30 to 1 — even 76 to 1...drain their campaign accounts dry - and leave them no better off than before Election Day.

Government Financial Transparency: Why and how Open-Books Government is the master key to reining in and rolling back Big Government.

Small Government Proposals: Actual plans and blueprints to dismantle Big Government economic and social programs. Powerful, ready-to-use by candidates and initiative sponsors in your city or state.

How to ignite and harness the passion for small government in your neighbors, co-workers, family, friends — and many who have never been involved in politics.

The Coming Breakthrough For Small Government.

Litmus tests, checklists, and idea X-Rays for recognizing real small government proposals. Easily sort Real and Fake small government proposals

And much, much more.


Who Will be Speaking and Teaching at the Summit?

Sharon Harris, President of Advocates for Self-Government.

Carla Howell, Co-Founder & President of the Center for Small Government, and Sponsor of Ballot Question 1 to END the Income Tax.

Michael Cloud, author of Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, 2000 National Winner of Tom Paine Award, and Co-Founder of the Center For Small Government.

Kamal Jain, a spokesman for Ballot Question 1, tax cut activist, and government transparency specialist.

Rich Aucoin, Massachusetts tax cut activist, Sponsor of 2003 Waltham Initiative to Roll Back the Property Tax.

Dr. Charles Ormsby, elected School Committee Member, Massachusetts tax cut activist; columnist and co-founder for the Valley Patriot newspaper.

Craig Franklin, Software Company Vice-President and Finance Chair for the Committee For Small Government, will give a special performance.


Startling Benefits And Values You'll Get from the Summit

The First Small Government Summit is...

Much More Than just a Free Market/Limited Government Think Tank Conference.

Much More Than just a libertarian Academic Seminar.

Much More Than just a pro-freedom political Convention or Rally.

Much More Than just a showcase for relatively well-known libertarian or free market writers.

Much, Much More Than just a collection of lively speeches and seminars, filled with clever information and insights.

YES, you will get bright and engaging speakers.

YES, you'll get lively and thought-provoking talks and events.

YES, you'll get paradigm-shifting insights, filled with new ideas and information.

YES, you'll get your political batteries re-charged - and your hope restored.

YES, you'll see and meet and talk with individuals who love and want small government and liberty as much as you do. Individuals who are eager to hear your ideas and listen to you.

PLUS, we give you several Extraordinary Things:

The First Summit For Small Government is designed to give you the Essential Core Curriculum for Small Government Activists, Donors, and Supporters.

We'll X-Ray Big Government — and you'll see the key unfixable, fatal flaws - and exactly why Big Government Social and Economic Programs make things worse.

What's more, you will learn exactly how to show this to your friends.

We'll do an MRI of small government — and you'll see why and how small government is just big enough to defend our life, liberty, and property - and too small to overstep these bounds. How and why small government is beautiful.

You'll learn the highest-leverage, biggest payoff small government strategies, tactics and proposals - so you get maximum value out of every hour and dollar you spend shrinking government.

Learn how to put supporters of Big Government on the Defensive time after time.

BONUS: You'll also get several high-impact, ready-to-use small government proposals. That's right, actual proposals designed to prune back, roll back, and shrink today's Big Government in your city or state.

ADDED BONUS: You'll get Tools, Blueprints, and Checklists that let you design and refine your own small government proposals for your city or state. These are so user-friendly you can teach them to others who want to make government small.


This First Summit For Small Government is Different from any other political or economic convention, seminar, event, or rally you've ever seen.

Archimedes said, "Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I can move the world."

This Summit is your Archimedes Lever. Your lever to make government small.


Sign Up Now — Save 30% off the At-the-Door Price

Most Free Market Think Tanks or Foundations charge $350 to $2,500 for a 1-Day Event.

We deliberately chose to make the First Summit For Small Government a high
quality event — yet make it affordable and accessible to middle-class

Our Gold Package Price — all events, lunch, and dinner — at-the-door is

But if you Advance Register Now — before May 31st — you save $80 — 30%
discount. Advance Register for Gold Package now for only $189.

- OR -

Want Something More Affordable?

Our Super-Saver Package Price — all events (but no meals) at-the-door is

But if you Advance Register Now — before May 31st — you save $30 — a 22%
discount. Advance Register Super-Saver for only $109.

Please sign up now. Two Simple Ways to Sign Up:

On the Web. Advance Register Now by credit card or debit card at our secure server.

By Mail. Make your check payable to The Center For Small Government and mail it to:

The Center For Small Government
6 Goodman Lane
Wayland, MA 01778

* Mail it now — before May 31st — for the Advance Registration Discount and
Savings. Please include your phone number and email address in case we need
to reach you.


Schedule for This 1-Day Summit For Small Government

Saturday, June 6th Summit Hours:

  • Sign-In and Registration: 8:00 am to 9:00 am
  • Events: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm - dinner/speech 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Summit Location

Boston Marriott Newton
2345 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, Massachusetts 02466
(800) 228-9290

Need hotel accommodations while in Massachusetts?

Rooms at this popular hotel, normally $179/night, are available to Small Government Summit participants for just $115 plus tax. To get this special room rate, call the Marriott toll-free reservation number (800) 228-9290 or call locally (617) 969-1000 and ask for "Reservations." Let them know you're with the Center For Small Government to get the discount rate.

The block of rooms set aside at the discount rate may not last, so be sure to book your hotel room right away.



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